Are you anticipating a significant increase in traffic volume? Did you inherit new application due to re-org? Are you looking to

  • Scale your application?
  • Achieve tier-1 availability?
  • Reduce response time?
  • Is security a concern?

I can help you. I will thoroughly study your application with eagle’s eye to provide both tactical and strategical solution to take your application to whole new level. As part of my study, I will thoroughly review your Architecture, Platforms, External Service Connectivity, Thread Dumps, Heap Dumps and GC Logs.

The outcome of my study will be a detailed report indicating the current problematic areas, near future problems and recommended solutions to them. Solutions will include architectural changes (Cloud, Big Data, SOA/API….), Framework recommendations, code-level changes, JVM setting changes, Garbage collection recommendations, Application Server setting changes, Database/HTTP settings changes.

Several applications in North America has been benefited by my CSR study. If your application also needs help, feel free to contact me.