I love scalability or performance or availability problems. I love firefighting. I thrive under pressure. 

Is your application suffering from any of the following problems:

  • Is CPU maxing out?
  • Memory leaks?
  • Response time degrading?
  • Is it becoming unresponsive after some time?
  • Is it melting down when traffic goes up?
  • Is batch process taking a long time to complete?
  • Are you restarting the application frequently?
  • Anticipating 10x growth?
  • Is any component suffering from SPOF (single point of failure)?

Can’t take the heat anymore from senior management or customers? Don’t worry, my years and years of battle fought experience are here at your service. I can solve any JVM related problem within 2 business days. (I have solved most of the problems in matter of minutes/hours, which was taking several days/weeks/months to get resolved by your regular Vendors).