Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) is one of the India’s largest conferences for software professionals, held in Bangalore every year. This year, GIDS celebrated its 10th anniversary with the convergence of over 4000 novices, experienced and senior developers across the world. GIDS is the gold standard for India’s software developer ecosystem, which helps delegates to share knowledge and gain exposure to various tools, services, software, etc.

The four-day summit includes eight conferences – GIDS.Web, Mobile, Java, Dynamic Lang, Data, Cloud, DevOps, and Architecture. Our Architect, Ram Lakshmanan, was invited to speak at GIDS this year. He delivered two talks on Java Garbage Collection and Thread Dumps in GIDS.Java/Dynamic Lang and GIDS.DevOps/Architecture conferences respectively.

Talk 1 – Become a Garbage Collection Hero

The presentation includes the summary of different GC log formats, tools to analyzing them, and troubleshooting of complex memory problems with the help of GC logs explained with real-world examples.

Talk 2 – Don’t Dump The Thread Dump

A brief note on different thread dump formats, tips & tricks to analyze them effectively, and various thread dump patterns that help engineers to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of complex production problems.

A good-sized crowd listened to the presentations where many were standing and a few were even sitting on the floor until the end. Following the presentations, few developers had clarified their doubts regarding the subject, and several had shown interest in our products – Universal GC Log Analyzer and – Java Thread Dump Analyzer.

Overall, it was a great experience meeting several developers, entrepreneurs, and predominantly our targeted prospects.