fastThread is ranked in position #5 in ThoughtWorks Technology Radar at Chicago Coder Conference 2017, an event focused on developer and manager. Its globally renown speakers and peer interactive platform delivers high-value participant return.


ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar is a biannual publication that examines the current software technology trend and offers opinions on current technology and techniques deserving of a closer look.  The Technology Radar has four areas of focus: Technique, Tools, Platform and Language & Frameworks and each quadrant cover four recommendations: Adopt, Trial, Assess, and Hold.

In this radar, totally 56 products/technologies were listed. The technology tool recommended for the “Adopt” category includes fastThread in #5 position along with other renowned tools: Xamarin, Xamarin Studio, Hadoop 2.0, Selenium, GCeasy and Service Stack.

Our DevOps Cloud tool named in ThoughtWorks Technology Radar’s forward thinking release is a testament of how performance minded companies have benefited from these tools. fastThread is a universal tool that will parse and analyze thread dumps written in any language that runs on the JVM. It will convert your Java, Scala, Jython, JRuby thread dumps to useful information for root cause analysis (RCA).