FastThread provides powerful REST API to analyze Java thread dumps. This API can be used for application monitoring, analyzing code quality during CI/CD pipeline, proactive production monitoring & troubleshooting and several other purposes. This document walks through the steps involved in invoking this REST API through the Postman tool.

(1). Launch Postman tool installed in your system. If you don’t have postman tool installed in your system then download it from the chrome web store. Copy paste the following URL in chrome browser address bar to download postman tool,

(2). Select POST method type from the dropdown. By default GETmethod type is selected in the dropdown menu.

(3). Enter the request URL in the textbox. Find request URL below,{API_KEY_SENT_IN_EMAIL}

For example, if your API KEY is “abc123xyz” then request URL should be 

Please find screenshot below for more details,

(4). To upload the thread dump in Postman go to Body section (which is below request URL textbox).

(5). In Body section select Binaryoption.

(6). Now click on “Choose Files” button and select your thread dump file.

Please find below screenshot,

(7). Click on Send button. It will send a request to the server and return a JSON response.


Thread dump analysis API supports additional features such as XML response, compress file support, etc… Learn about these advanced features in this article.