Our architect Ram Lakshmanan presented a talk on the topic: “TROUBLESHOOTING REAL PRODUCTION PROBLEMS” in JAX London 2019 conference. Talk was very well received by the attendees.


Please see the attendee’s ratings (5 = best) as well as the corresponding conference average in brackets.

  •  Quality of the presentation: 4.5 (4.0)
  •  Speaker’s knowledge of the subject: 4.8 (4.5)

This talk was rated 18 times from the jaxlondon app:

Perfect talk as the second one from this speaker

  • Perfect talk as the second one from this speaker
  • Great explanation , thanx
  • Very good presentation, practical. Good Interaction with attendees!
  • The best presentation. real problems with real solutions. something to bring home
  • Very nice and interesting presentation, :clap: :clap: :clap: 😀
  • Good audience involvement and clearly knew his topic well
  • It was very slow
  • Speaker seems inexperienced with presenting. Unreadable small text. Skips rapidly back and forth between slides widely apart in presentation. Spends too much time explaining basic things not getting to the hardcore stuff promised in the schedule.


Presentation deck that was used in the conference given below


Here are few photographs taken in the conference: