DevopsCon is the the Global Conference Series for DevOps & Business Transformation held in Berlin. Our architect was invited to give a talk on the topic “MAJOR OUTAGES IN MAJOR ENTERPRISES”.

In this session, major outages that happened in major enterprises are discussed. We analysed the actual thread dumps, heap dumps, GC logs, and other artifacts captured at the time of the problem. After this session, troubleshooting CPU spikes, OutOfMemoryError, response time degradations, network connectivity issues, and application unresponsiveness may not stump you.

Here is the deck shared in the conference:

Rating for the Conference

Attendees of this global conference have given us the rating of 5 for Quality of talk & 5 for Speaker’s knowledge being 5 is the maximum rating and main point to be noted it is, the overall average of all the speakers in the conference is 3.84 & 4.22. Below is the screenshot of the email we got from DevopsCon Conference.