Every year in October, JAX London is the go-to event for Java and Software Architecture enthusiasts! It is a four-day conference for cutting-edge software engineers and enterprise-level professionals.

This year, at JAX London’s 2023 conference, our architect Ram Lakshmanan was invited to talk on the topic: “7 JVM ARGUMENTS OF HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE APPLICATIONS”. There are more than 600 arguments that you can pass to JVM only for garbage collection and memory. It’s way too many arguments for anyone to digest and comprehend. In this session, seven essential JVM parameters that will improve the performance of your application were discussed.

Below is the deck shared in the talk:

Below are the photographs taken in the conference:

Rating for the Talk

Attendees of this global conference have given us the rating of 5 for Quality of talk & 5 for Speaker’s knowledge being 5 is the maximum rating and main point to be noted it is, the overall average of all the speakers in the conference is 4.2 & 4.54. Below is the screenshot of the email we got from JAX London Conference.

yCrash at JAX London