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Divide & Conquer Problematic threads!

Thread dump analysis is a critical aspect of diagnosing performance problems and identifying the root causes of issues in Java applications. However, it can often be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with numerous threads and intricate stack... Continue Reading →

Harnessing Precision in Thread Dump Analysis with ‘My Patterns’

Java thread dump analysis is the art of precision—a journey that leads to uncovering the most elusive issues within your Java applications. In this world of intricate threads and complex code, fastThread's 'My Patterns' feature shines as your friendly companion.... Continue Reading →

Java Suspended Thread states (BLOCKED, WAITING, TIMED_WAITING)

Java threads can be in 6 different states: NEW, RUNNABLE, BLOCKED, WAITING, TIMED_WAITING, TERMINATED. When a thread is suspended (i.e., unable to progress further), it will be one of these 3 suspended thread states: BLOCKED, WAITING, TIMED_WAITING. Let's discuss these... Continue Reading →

ThreadLocal – easy introduction

There are scopes of variable in Java programming language: a. Local variable b. Member variable (aka instance variable) c. Static variable (aka class variable) In this post, let's discuss an interesting type of variable: ThreadLocal and how it differs from... Continue Reading →

Java Static Synchronized method behavior

In our earlier post, we learnt that when a method is synchronized, only one thread will be allowed to enter the method. In this post, let’s discuss the behavior of static synchronized methods. Video: To see the visual walk-through of this post,... Continue Reading →

Java synchronized block

In the earlier post we learnt about the Java synchronized method. In this post, let's learn about the synchronized block. Video: To see the visual walk-through of this post, click below: What is Synchronized Block? Synchronized block is used to... Continue Reading →

Can threads execute same synchronized method on different objects?

In our earlier post titled ‘Synchronized method – Boy Friend Threads & Girl Friend Object‘, we explored that when a method is synchronized, only one thread is allowed to enter. In this post, let’s do a little bit of deep... Continue Reading →

Diagnose CPU spike  – non-intrusive approach!

In this post, we are going to discuss a non-intrusive approach (i.e., approach that doesn’t add any noticeable overhead to the application) to diagnose CPU spike. Thus, you can use this approach in your production environment to troubleshoot CPU spikes.... Continue Reading →

Known Java APIs, Unknown Performance impact! – Confoo 2023

ConFoo Montreal is a multi-technology conference for developers. This year , they have conducted the program to exchange knowledge and ideas from speakers all over the world. Our Architect Ram Lakshmanan was invited to give a talk on the topic:... Continue Reading →

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