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Thread states

To troubleshoot a production problem, you might have to analyze multiple snapshots of thread dumps captured at periodic intervals. Each snapshot of thread tends to contain hundreds of threads, sometimes even thousands of threads. Each thread in the thread dump... Continue Reading →

Problem prone classes/methods

Coming soon...

Custom Thread grouping

In fastThread application, there is a 'Thread Group' section. In this section, fastThread app groups the threads with its internal algorithms. This generic grouping of threads may not suit well for few applications. Thus, we have developed this feature, which... Continue Reading →

Search Thread dumps

When there are several hundreds or thousands of threads in the thread dump, the user might want to search threads based on thread name, thread Id, stack trace … Here are a few sample cases: Find all the threads which... Continue Reading →

Powerful troubleshooting: Marrying Thread dumps and top -H

I told my manager that I like the title of this article. He said to me that’s not surprising, because I am still an eligible bachelor. No wonder I like the word “marrying” in the title. But for folks like... Continue Reading →

Threads stuck in

What does API do? Why is it showing up frequently in several thread dumps? Why is it reported in thread dump analysis tools like Is it something that I need to be concerned about? What are the potential solutions... Continue Reading →

WebLogic thread – STUCK, ACTIVE, STANDBY

Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and several other technologies internally uses WebLogic application server. In a WebLogic server, all incoming requests are handled by execute threads in the thread pool. Based on the activity of these threads, WebLogic server... Continue Reading →


COMPANY:         Softaria FOUNDED:          2002 EMPLOYEES:       ~ 50 INDUSTRY:          COMPUTER SOFTWARE SERVICES Softaria specializes in system creation for automation of business processes and product use on the Internet. These systems are accessible in any part of the world... Continue Reading →


In a lot of enterprises, performance tests are conducted regularly. As part of these tests, QA team gathers various metrics and publishes them in a performance report. Metrics reported in the performance report typically tend to be: CPU utilization Memory... Continue Reading →

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