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Thread dump patterns

Look for exceptions, errors in thread dumps

Thread dumps are vital artifacts to troubleshoot/debug production problems. In the past we have discussed several effective thread dump troubleshooting patterns like: traffic jam, treadmill, RSI, all roads lead to rome ………. In this article we would like to introduce... Continue Reading →

Problem prone classes/methods

Coming soon...

Log4j Bug – Slows down your app

Recently we were troubleshooting a popular SaaS application. This application was slowing down intermittently. To recover from the problem, the application had to be restarted. This application was slowing down sometimes during high traffic volume periods; sometimes during low traffic... Continue Reading →

FastThread API – Remote Location

In thread dump analysis API we have introduced a new feature called Remote Location. Using this feature now you can pass the http(s) URL location of your thread dump in the request. Say suppose, you have stored your thread dump... Continue Reading →


StackOverFlowError is one of the common confronted JVM error. In this blog post, lets learn inner mechanics of thread stacks, reasons that can trigger StackOverFlowError and potential solutions to address this error. To gain deeper understanding into StackOverFlowError, let's review... Continue Reading →

Threads stuck in

What does API do? Why is it showing up frequently in several thread dumps? Why is it reported in thread dump analysis tools like Is it something that I need to be concerned about? What are the potential solutions... Continue Reading →


The latest JAX Magazine issue is out now. The magazine consists of articles that elucidate how digital transformation is reshaping the future of finance. We are happy to share that our founder, Ram Lakshmanan, also contributed an article "The Leprechaun... Continue Reading →


Description Threads in 'runnable' state consume CPU. So when you are analyzing thread dumps for high CPU consumption, threads in 'runnable' state should be thoroughly reviewed.Typically in thread dumps several threads are classified in 'RUNNABLE' state. But in reality several of them wouldn't be actually running,... Continue Reading →


Description Dining Philosophers is a classic computer science problem that happens in concurrent programming. Dining philosophers problem will result in circular deadlock problem. Circular deadlock is a variant of deadlock problem. Once deadlock happens, the only way to recover from... Continue Reading →

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