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Java performance Talk in QAInsights Clubhouse

Naveen Kumar Namachivayam from QAInsights Invited Ram Lakshmanan - The architect of yCrash to talk in the Performance Engineers Clubhouse. In this video, the basics of Garbage collection, Importance of Memory, GC Throughput Introduction and many other topics have been... Continue Reading →

Video Blog: 7 JVM Arguments of Highly effective applications

You can pass 600+ arguments to JVM just around Garbage collection and memory. It’s way too many arguments for anyone to digest and comprehend. In all these 4 videos, 7 important JVM arguments that will boost your Java/Scala/Jython application performances... Continue Reading →

How Java program executed? – Heap, Threads, Stack, GC

What happens behind the scene when a java program is executed? In which regions objects are created? When objects become eligible for garbage collection? Where are threads stored? What is the difference between Stack and Heap? Watch this video to... Continue Reading →

Surviving Covid19 – Effective way to cut-down IT spending!

Covid19 pandemic has already put a deep economic dent globally. US stock market has experienced the worst crash since 1987. Sooner or later, Enterprises have to figure out a plan to run their organizations on tight budgets. In this below 10... Continue Reading →

Shooting the troubles – Confoo Canada Conference talk (video)

ConFoo.CA Developer Conference is one of the biggest conferences for web developers, that took place in Canada. This Conference had 155 presentations by popular international speakers focused on pragmatic solutions for developers, enthusiastic attendees and delightful atmosphere! This year 2020,... Continue Reading →

GC Tuning & Troubleshooting Crash Course

Our architect Ram Lakshmanan presented a talk on the topic: "GC Tuning & Troubleshooting Crash Course" in JAX London 2019 conference. Talk was very well received by the attendees. Video Ratings Please see the attendee’s ratings (5 = best)... Continue Reading →


What will happen behind the scene when you write a finalizer method? How the finalizer thread leads to OutOfMemoryError? How to find the root cause of finalizer thread stuck and how to troubleshoot it using Watch this video to know... Continue Reading →


In this modern world, thread dumps are still analyzed in a tedious & manual mode. There is no programmatic way to analyze thread dumps in a proactive manner. Thus to eliminate this hassle, has been introduced to troubleshoot complex production problems. fastThread is a... Continue Reading →


BLOCKED, WAITING, and TIMED_WAITING are important thread states, but often confusing to many of us. One must have a proper understanding of these thread states in order to analyze thread dumps. Using real-life examples, this video breaks down each state... Continue Reading →

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