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Troubleshooting Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Recently we encountered 'Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded' error when loading our application in a web browser. In this blog post, let’s discuss what triggered this problem, explore how different browsers respond to it and how we went... Continue Reading →

Virtual Threads – A Definite Advantage

It's great to explore the world of Virtual Threads, a powerful feature in Java that promises to revolutionize multi-threaded applications. In this article, we'll delve into how Virtual Threads can enhance your application's performance and scalability, all while keeping thread... Continue Reading →

Divide & Conquer Problematic threads!

Thread dump analysis is a critical aspect of diagnosing performance problems and identifying the root causes of issues in Java applications. However, it can often be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with numerous threads and intricate stack... Continue Reading →

How to capture and analyze Thread dumps in Android?

Discover the power of thread dumps in Android development. Learn what thread dumps are, how to capture them using commands like 'dumpsys thread' and 'jstack,' and uncover the insights they offer. Explore the effectiveness of 'fastThread,' a user-friendly tool that... Continue Reading →

Parallel Sort

Everyone knows about what sorting is. There are so many computer algorithms that have emerged to support sorting. Some of the well-known algorithms are quick sort, heap sort, merge sort etc. All these sorting algorithms are working based on sequential... Continue Reading →

‘Troubleshooting Java’ book features fastThread

Laurentio Spilca who is a skilled Java and Spring developer and an experienced technology instructor has written a book called Troubleshooting Java: Read, debug, and optimize JVM applications. The book teaches code investigation techniques that will help efficiently understand how... Continue Reading →

Parallelism in ConcurrentHashMap

ConcurrentHashMap is used extensively in multi-threaded applications. The examples of multi-threaded applications are online gaming applications, chat applications, it adds the benefit of concurrency to the application. To make application more  concurrent in nature, ConcurrentHashMap introduces a concept called ‘Parallelism’.... Continue Reading →

Is Java Virtual Threads lightweight?

Quick answer is ‘yes’ :-). Before you try to understand how lightweight Java virtual threads are, you might want to understand how Java virtual thread works? Here is a post that gives a quick introduction to Java virtual threads. We highly... Continue Reading →

Advantages of Java Virtual Threads

Java virtual thread is a new type of threading model architecture introduced in JDK 19. Before you try to learn the benefits of Java Virtual Threads, you might want to understand how Java virtual thread works. Here is a post... Continue Reading →

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